Evolving in the 70TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY Evolving in the 70TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY
Anniversary Slogan

Evolving in the 70TH YEAR

70 years since our founding in 1949.
Starting with the development of the electron microscope, we at JEOL have continued to create unrivaled, world-leading technology.
Based on this core technology, we have developed a variety of scientific and metrology instruments, as well as industrial and medical equipments.
Our products support the work of many researchers, including Nobel Laureates and the top scientists in the world, contributing to the advancement of research and industry worldwide.
In 2019, the phrase adopted as a new key concept for guiding company is “Evolving in the 70th Year”.
Based on the spirit of our founding philosophy, "Creativity" and "Research and Development", we will continue to pursue world-leading technology.

Evolving in the 70TH YEAR

JEOL continues to evolve.

Building on our core technologies
we are working to introduce new services
and expand into 3 business domains
while continuing to serve the needs of academia.
Our evolution continues
as we work with our customers to create a better future.

  • Industry

    Next Generation Industrial 3D Printer

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  • Medical

    Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer/
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer/
    Cryo Electron Microscope

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  • Semiconductor

    Electron Beam Lithography System/
    High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope

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  • Service

    Pay-Per-Use Service/Contract Analysis by High-end Instrument

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Message From CEO


In May 1949, not long after the end of World War Ⅱ, Japan Electron Optics Laboratory (forerunner of JEOL) was founded for developing and manufacturing electron microscopes. Since then, owing to great support by many people around the world, JEOL has marked its 70th anniversary this year. Based on “Creativity” and “Research and Development” which our company philosophy states, JEOL has continued to contribute to the progress of Science and Human Society. Nowadays, JEOL instruments are used at universities and laboratories in as many as more than 130 countries, and we are highly regarded as a true global enterprise. I am deeply aware that our long-time corporate development is primarily due to a great number of persons who have continually supported and guide us. On this occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of them.

Analytical instruments and scientific instruments are essential tools for development of scientific technology and manufacturing industries. I strongly recognize that the responsibility of JEOL is significantly high under a circumstance where every country is aimed at becoming a science-oriented nation. JEOL is now pushing forward with the YOKOGUSHI (cross-sectional collaboration) strategy, which utilizes its strength of diversified products lineup of high-end instruments, including electron microscopes, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, mass spectrometers and surface analysis instruments. The YOKOGUSHI strategy aims to supply customers with instruments as well as applications and services, so that the customers can use our variety of instruments in a multi-faceted manner for obtaining their research accomplishments timely and accurately, in the midst of the recent historical background where research and development is increasingly advanced.

Japan has entered into a new “Reiwa Era” from “Heisei Era” in the year of our 70th anniversary. Positioning this memorable year as our turning point, we are announcing the key concept, “Evolving in the 70th Year”. That is, on the basis of our core technologies cultivated in the academia market, JEOL will expand its instrument business and service business to the bigger markets, such as semiconductor & industrial equipment and medical equipment. We are determined to continually make hard efforts to serve to all of you. Finally, I sincerely hope for your candid evaluations and warm assistance.

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Gon-emon Kurihara Chairman and CEO
Gon-emon Kurihara Chairman and CEO JEOL Ltd.

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