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Timischl Felix Assistant Manager, Ph.D. in Engineering
Team No. 2, Group No. 2 Research and Development Department
Engineering Division, SE Business Operations

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Representing JEOL, in Austria, for the success of JEOL – IMS great project

IMS Nanofabrication GmbH (an INTEL subsidiary) is the company, its headquarters in Wien, Austria, to which JEOL, for the very first time, has proceeded the full-fledged component sales on an alliance base. The multi-beam mask writer, developed together by using technologies of each other, is unrivaled in technology and performance. Austria-born Timischl Felix, has been assigned to IMS since 2018 as a representative of JEOL, supporting all of the processes from instrument development to maintenance with all his devotion.

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Component sales, for the first time in the history of JEOL.

The conventional electron beam mask writer uses one electron beam for lithography. On the other hand, the multi-beam mask writer performs writing by using as many as 260,000 electron beams of nano-meter level at once. It is an innovative device shortening the required time greatly. IMS, its headquarters in Austria, has advance technology in development of this type of multi-beam instrument. In 2016, IMS became a subsidiary of Intel Corporation.
Yet, IMS did not have the technology to precisely control the writing stage in a few ten nanometer orders, on which the substrate (mask blank) was loaded and written by the multi-beams. In 2012, IMS asked JEOL to develop a component (platform) including the writing stage. Both companies shook hands and successfully commercialized the multi-beam mask writer.
Historically, JEOL was the company which purchased components from others for its own products, but never sold its own developed components to others.
JEOL-IMS project is the first case that JEOL sells out the components, towards Open Innovation era.
“IMS is the only company who markets the multi-beam mask writer on a commercial basis as of today. However, as it is the world’s first and innovative device, some uncertainty remains inside. Therefore, representing JEOL, I have been assigned to IMS and have co-worked with IMS in all of the processes from instrument development to maintenance. “said, Timischl Felix of Research and Development Department, Engineering Division, SE Business Operations.

Austrian engineer intermediary

Timischl was born in Austria. While majoring in Physics at a technical college, he became interested in Japan and stayed in Japan for one year to learn the Japanese language. He returned to Austria, his mother country, and graduated from the technical college. He came to Japan again to be in the electrical majors at Kumamoto University and completed the doctoral course.
With a Ph.D from Kumamoto University in 2008, he joined JEOL Technics Ltd. and was engaged in developing scanning electron microscope (SEM). He was mainly responsible for various developments relating to electron detectors as well as development of the vacuum evacuation system and development of 3D-SEM which makes an image into 3D.
In 2018, his tenth year after joining JEOL, he was called by the business operations in charge of electron beam lithography system and asked to be stationed at IMS in Austria to lead the JEOL-IMS Project to success.
“I think that an offer came to me because I am an Austrian. Initially, I did not want to leave Japan where I had cherished my family. However, this was a great opportunity to bind Japan and Austria. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my children to live in my mother country and learn the German language. In addition, my parents might want to meet my children. Thus, I made a decision. “
At present, Timischl is the only person from JEOL stationed in IMS. From time to time, JEOL employees come on necessity. Timischl, who can speak Japanese and German, and has great knowledge about technologies, plays an important role to bridge the two companies; JEOL and IMS and is a key existence for alliance continuation.

Co-work with IMS for problem solution

The multi-beam mask writers are mainly marketed for customers in Asia and the USA. Since it is the most advanced and its mechanism is very complex, it faces some unpredictable problems occasionally. For problems, Timischl works with IMS staffs to find out the root cause of the problem. When a problem occurs on an instrument in the IMS headquarters, of which Timischl is in charge, he will fix the problem by himself, or report it to JEOL Ltd. for their advice.
“What I keep in my mind is speedy handling. Basically, users can hardly wait. The root cause needs to be figured out immediately. Considering that IMS is a customer for JEOL in one phase, sometimes, I face a difficulty how I shall behave because communication with the customer requires some delicacy.
The other day, I faced a problem that no one had ever experienced. Within a limited time, it was a hard job though, I sought for a solution. Several departments of IMS also went into action. If there is a controller, it would and will be alright. But sometimes, each department takes action independently, which would come into a mess consequently. If they step into the area that JEOL is responsible for, the problem itself may expand its dimension. It is difficult to handle the situation while paying decent attention to IMS. However, we have respect for each other and I am comfortable here since they accept me as an employee of IMS.
He told us about the national character of Austrian while smiling.
“Basically, they are gentle. However, they sometimes can be impatient. When I was driving a car in Japan, I was never honked at, but here, people are often honking at me (smiling). My driving technique must be too gentle”.

Importance of collaboration with others

When asked if his job is satisfying or not, Timischl said “Multi-beam mask writer is really a special and innovative tool. I am grateful for being a part of the development of such advanced technologies.”
“One more thing. I am personally satisfied with the experience to work for both JEOL and IMS as an employee. They have different atmospheres and ways of doing business. I am learning what a company should be through this assignment.”
Timischl is hoping “to make a contribution to another new development” after having those unique experiences and career in various developments of SEM and multi-beam mask writer.
“The project with IMS was a new trial of development for JEOL. JEOL manufactures the big components (Platform including the writing stage), which are the parts of multi-beam mask writer, and delivers them to the customers, in combination with the component (writing engine) that IMS manufactures.
This new business of component supply has been extremely successful. In the future, I hope that this application will expand in other fields. For example, JEOL has plenty of SEM related software. I think that it may be possible to market such software as the component to SEM, in collaboration with other companies.”
It is Timischl that has experienced and understood the success of collaboration with IMS. That’s why he can firmly believe in the possibility of component sales.

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